Your Invoice Software Accounting Solution – Freshbooks

What invoice software for billing should my business be using? It’s the second most important question you have (right after “Where do I find more clients?”) and luckily, it’s not as complicated as we sometimes make it. While you can track time using any timer app on your smart phone using a free invoice software or even just a simple kitchen timer, and invoicing via PayPal is quick and easy, there’s an all-in-one invoice software solution that makes this task even easier: Freshbooks accounting.

Creating Projects, Invoices, and Estimates

With a Freshbooks account, you can create projects (one for each client works great for a VA), record time worked via their handy desktop app, track related expenses, and fire off an invoice when the project is complete. Of course, you can also create an invoice in advance, if you require payment before the work begins. Freshbooks is flexible enough to handle just about anything you need. And Freshbooks has some of the most competitive pricing models for billing accounting software which makes it affordable option for small businesses. As a virtual assistant, you likely have a variety of tasks you do that have a package rate. Maybe you write articles or edit eBooks or create graphics. Each of these items has a set fee attached, and Freshbooks makes it easy to add these items to an invoice or project by allowing you to track your package pricing and add items to an invoice or estimate later. Speaking of estimates, Freshbooks also allows you to create proposals for large projects, such as website design work. Create your estimate, email it to the client, she responds with necessary changes, and once you’ve worked out the details, you can effortlessly turn your estimate into an freshbooks invoice. All within Freshbooks, so you don’t have to worry about lost paperwork or misunderstandings. It is the best invoice software.

Tax Time is Easy

Other systems make tracking time and getting paid far too complicated. And Quickbooks? It might be a favorite billing software for accountants, but it’s a real pain in the neck if you don’t know what expense categories are or how to use them. And compiling all the various information, including expenses, payments, PayPal fees, and other miscellaneous items is time consuming and frustrating. With Freshbooks, all your information is together in one place, and with the click of a button, you can generate a variety of reports that makes tax time far less taxing. Let’s face it – bookkeeping is not something most of us love. It’s time consuming, and while we’re doing it, we’re not making money. Freshbooks makes keeping track of time and getting paid easier and faster, so you can get back to work. Not only that, but you’ll find many of your clients are familiar with Freshbooks and find it easy to work with as well.