Types Of Printing

Technology as we know it is highly dynamic. The printing arena has seen the development of some major technologies that have made it possible to produce some very high quality printed materials. The printing journey started way back when some crude methods were used for printing purposes. A lot has change presently with printing equipments possessing great speeds as well as being able to color materials. This has gone a long way in the creation of some of the best design.

The printing world has seen the entrance of some major players in the market due to the world population requiring more print work than ever before. The current numbers of pages that are every year are actually over 45 trillion.

Litho print usually referred to as offset print is one of the most ancient methods of that is still in practice today. The technology has however improved over the years. Materials have been developed carefully so as to make them eco friendly thus bringing less harm to the environment.

In this printing method, a transfer of an image that is inked is necessary. The offset is usually done to a rubber blanket from a plate. It is combined with a lithographic process that involves water and oil. The image gets ink from rollers and imprints it on the print area. The areas that are not supposed to e printed are protected.

It is the best method to produce large volumes of print materials very economically. The prints produced this way are also of a high quality so the high volume rate does not affect quality at all. The machinery operated in this case is also easy to maintain.

Offset printing has consistent quality and is cost effective. The litho are usually automatic thus reducing technicalities. This goes a long way in elevating the speed. They are also able to produce colored prints. RGB can be converted to CMYK as well as spot color.

Digital printing sees image reproduction. It is perfect for short prints as well as for customization needs. The patterns used in this case are electronic as opposed to physical templates. It is easy to alter designs without incurring further costs. Digital prints can be personalized to meet individual needs. The are also high quality and offer a better edge.

Web offset is yet another method used extensively in the world. In this case, rolls are used. The rolls are usually paper and are best when there are a lot of impressions that are required.