The benefits of handwriting and handwritten letters in a digital world

Many times, we hear the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword.” This signifies that the pen even though smaller in size can actually achieve more things than a sword. While the sword can hurt and bring violence, the pen has the power to touch the heart and soul, can even change or save lives when used in proper communication. Words are notably effective and the capability of writing is more significant than the power of hatred and war.

In this digital age, is a pen still mighty? When there’s the internet, computers, printers and smartphones, where is the power of a pen?

In this highly digitalized world, the traditional act of handwriting has been replaced by instant messaging. In just a few taps or clicks, you can create a message and send it over via internet. How fast and convenient! Indeed, technology has become increasingly integrated in the life of every human being and the pen and the art of writing by hand have been somewhat forgotten. With the development of apps that we perceive as helpful tools amidst a fast-pace world, the purpose of handwriting is almost redundant.

Handwriting might sound old school and passe, but it is definitely a better way to communicate and handwritten letters are the best way to make real connections because anything handwritten involves creativity and personal touch.

The cognitive benefit of handwriting.

Cognitive means something that involves conscious intellectual activity. When you write by hand, like when you compose a letter; it reinforces reading and language processing skills by allowing you to slow down the thought process. This enables the writer to think about the words, the proper spelling and the structure of the writing; all making the writer more adept at the language they are using.

Research has also found out that handwriting can improve memory. Writing creates unique pathways in the brain causing those who are writing by their hand to remember the content more than those who are typing the messages or notes.

The lasting impression created by handwritten letters.

Let’s admit. While more and more people rely on electronic means of communications such as emails, SMS, direct messages and personal messages via apps; personal connections are being reduced. And in worst case scenarios, these unread messages in cramped inboxes may get lost or deleted with just a wrong tap on the keyboard or left unopen in spam folders. But with a handwritten letter on a specially hand-picked card or paper, the receiver will instantly feel important and the impact in terms of building a personal connection can’t be easily deleted or lost. The impression created by a personalized handwritten messages and letters is immediate and lasting so make sure to put extra effort in doing so.

Handwritten letter’s effective way of getting the message across.

Who doesn’t love email? It’s convenient, instant and absolutely free, a very practical way of sending message across the globe. Email might be the most preferred way of communication, but a handwritten letter is the most effective way to express feelings or appreciate someone, especially the one who is on the other part of the world because it is a tool of communication that represents honesty and value on the message that is needed to be conveyed. The time and effort you spend in writing is the most genuine way to send a message. Anything genuine is easily understood not only by the mind but by the heart as well.