Are You Broke? It’s Time to Re-evaluate Your MLM Program(s) and Do an Honest Self-Evaluation

There I was on the stage harmonizing with my band members. With each note I suffered in quiet desperation. I was totally broke. Sucked dry by one too many Multi-Level Marketing membership fees that had hit the old checking account, triggering a slew of charges for insufficient funds.

Yes, there I stood “pickin ‘n grinnin”, in debt to the bank for several thousand dollars. Eight months prior to this night I thought I had found an MLM sponsor who really cared more about building a good team than making a quick buck.

Now, I felt as played as the fat strat Fender knockoff I stood strumming. It was so easy to believe he and my other upline would help me “build a network”. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to fire the boss within 48 hours of sending in an application fee?

After all, the folks involved in the MLM opportunity must be doing something right if they can afford the glitzy ads. And what about all those pictures of folks on the beach or standing in front of expensive luxury sports cars?

Well, as a matter of fact I happen to live on an island myself. I can go to the beach and walk on the sand any time of day or night. And as for the fancy ride, I once took a snapshot of my office co-worker as she stood grinning ear to ear next to a candy apple red Dodge Viper. I have seen proof on many other occasions that there is no magic to looking like you have a million dollars in assets.

Standing there on stage, I quietly committed to quit feeling pitiful and refocus on the one thing that I had actually had success with – online sales of affiliate products.

I also made a silent commitment to let other people know about my foolhardiness. Perhaps as you read this you’ll consider your own situation. If you’re making more income than the charges you pay to be a member of your MLM program(s), and you’re happy with your sponsor’s leadership and your downline, they by all means keep at it. You have obviously found something that suites you.

If on the other hand you count yourself lucky that cement shoes are gauche after Labor Day 1945, then maybe this article will give you a gentle nudge. What I mean to say is, if you’re paying out money to be part of someone else’s downline and you have no paying downline of your own, the thing to do is change the situation now — and quickly! If you’re determined to get an active downline, don’t wait for your sponsor or upline team to do anything beyond what will immediately put money in their pockets.

Conversely, if you have a problem convincing others to become paying, active members of your team or downline, then either get out of the program or get over the fear. Seriously ask yourself this this question: “Am I making any money after the first 90 days of enrollment?”

No, 90 days is not too soon to pass judgment on your own personal success. With some programs, you have up to 90 days to quit. Realistically, how much more can you accomplish on the 91st day that you could not accomplish in the first 60? Focus your attention on making money by first making an honest self evaluation before you’ve lost your credit privileges, lost face with the bank, and suffered a blow to your self-esteem. Everything counts – ultimately in large amounts.