Vehicle Magnet Printing – Guidelines for Printing Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnets are the latest marketing trend. They are an inexpensive form of adverting and often used on the outside of cars. Individuals or businesses can use these to promote a certain cause. In order to benefit from these, you have to choose a reputable vehicle magnet printing company. In addition to this, it is advisable to consider the following.

• Start by looking for a vehicle magnet printing company. There are several options to choose from and as such, you should look for one that gives you customized solutions.

• You have to decide the size of the magnets. Ideally, common sizes range from 8.5 inches by 1 inches to 12 inches to 18 inches. Base your choice on the size of the car and the message you want to pass across.

• Select an ideal background color. For guaranteeing visibility, it is advisable to settle with white or bright backgrounds. This is especially important when the car is in motion. If the service provider you choose to work with is reputed for offering templates, then select options that are consistent with your marketing campaign.

• Text should be added to your background and ensure that it offers a good contrast. The type of font used is important. The message should be short and to the point. You can simply state the service you offer or your company name. Your website address should be included as well as the company phone number. Ideally, this should be in bold lettering in order to ensure passersby get the information without having to strain.

• In order to make your vehicle magnet printing more attractive, it is advisable to include an image to the magnets. However, be careful about this in order to avoid crowding it. If this happens, there is a possibility passerby’s will not be able to read or understand your sign. You should leave enough white space. Your images should be small and positioned to the left, bottom or right in order to create a feeling of balance.

• Before sending the work to the printer, it is important to review the design. Ensure you like it and it appeals to your senses. Next, decide the number of magnets needed and how many will be used on your car. This way, you will place an order that will not result to wastage.

• Once all these details are addressed, you can now submit the work to the printer. It is advisable to compare different vehicle magnet printing services in order to select the most affordable and high quality option.