Make Sure Any Planned Event Is Safe From the Threat of Fire

In most locations, procedures are put in place to make sure that any event will be compliant with fire regulations and building codes. This includes fire extinguisher hire based on size and occupancy for the event at hand. A professional fire safety company will know just what to do, but here are some tips and guidelines that can help one plan an upcoming event and ensure that everyone will be safe throughout the festivities.

Establish a Responsible Individual

There should be a person from the organisation throwing the event that will be designated as responsible for compliance with all requirements in relation to fire and safety. They must be present through the entire event and keep on top of compliance procedures and guidelines.

Occupancy or max capacity should be known when reserving and planning the event and of course, followed. It’s important to keep in mind when reserving a space that chairs, tables, bar, any stages or other fixtures will affect the capacity as well. Fire extinguisher hire will calculate the amount and type needed based on the amount of attendees.

Flame Resistance

It’s also required in most cases that all wall coverings, insulation for sound and decorations be flame resistant according to fire prevention regulations of the area. There may need to be a permit for decorating that says all materials are approved and flame resistant along with approvals signed and dated. Nothing should be placed in front of or around clearly marked exits.

Fire Fighter Presence

In some cases, and depending upon the event and amount of attendees, fire fighter detail may be required in addition to fire extinguisher hire. It’s crucial to contact the fire marshal a few weeks before the event to review requirements and request a professional fire fighter if necessary, and any costs will be the event planner’s responsibility.

Open Flame Rules

Even with fire extinguisher hire, some venues will not allow open flames, pyrotechnics and candles. Flameless candles are often permitted if they are battery operated. These give the illusion of the candle flicker for those putting on intimate events such as a wedding or dance.

Orderly Set Up

Most venues require that tables and chairs be set up in an orderly manner, and all aisles be free and clear in case evacuation needs to happen. Anyone planning an event should be sure that there’s a clear path for exit, and to fire extinguishers hired in case of a fire. There are guidelines of how wide aisles should be in various locations that should be noted when setting up for the event.

Checklist Prior to Event Start

Here is a great list of items to consider about an hour or so before the event begins. This way there will be no interruption, and festivities will be safe and enjoyable throughout.

  • Check panic hardware on all doors for inside events
  • Open all doors to make sure there are not obstructions.
  • Handicapped entrances should be unobstructed as well, and unlocked.
  • There should be at least two exits from every space.
  • Make sure exit signs are clearly visible and working as they should. If fire signs or exit signs are needed they can also be obtained from companies with fire extinguisher hire.
  • All supplied fire extinguishers hired should have an inspection tag present and be in the green zone which says they are ready for use.

Things to Check for During the Event

There’s also plenty to check for during the event, so the designated safety person should keep this list handy and remain actively aware of the surroundings at all times to have a safe and pleasurable event.

  • Ensure capacity for the venue has not been exceeded.
  • Keep aware of all exits, hallways, stairs and the like to be sure they remain unobstructed and clear.
  • Gracefully ask anyone who is blocking a hallway or door to move.

When the event is over, it’s smart to have whomever was the responsible party sign this checklist and keep it on file to note that all procedures were followed the entire time. This protects the organisation that has put on the even from possible law suits. One never knows what may happen, so it’s best to be prepared. By following these rules, any event will go off without a hitch.