How Safe Is On Site Document Shredding?

It’s important for your business to store vital documents for a specific period of time. However, you cannot store them indefinitely. Eventually, they will need to be destroyed. In addition, there are some sensitive records that need to be destroyed quickly – they cannot simply go into the dumpster. These might include confidential information, customer data like Social Security numbers or financial information, and more. You have several options when it comes to file destruction, but on site document shredding is perhaps the most secure.

Why Is Record Destruction Necessary?

Secure destruction of your records is important for a number of different reasons. Identity theft is rising significantly in the US, and thieves are just as likely to target businesses as they are consumers (they can steal personal information from both). Fraud is another huge consideration here. With on site paper shredding, those risks are minimized.

How Secure Is It?

When it comes to record destruction, you can opt to have your records removed and destroyed at a facility, or you can choose to have them destroyed right on your property. The second option is the more secure, simply because there are fewer chances that something will go wrong. Records can be lost during transport, for instance, or they might be stolen while in route, or at the destruction facility.

When you have your records destroyed on your property, it means that they never leave your sight. You can have an authorized representative watch the destruction process to ensure that all papers are correctly destroyed and then disposed of right away.

Of course, there are a few caveats here. You need to ensure that you’re working with the right company, first of all. Verify that the company you choose adheres to the following:

• A modern vehicle equipped with up to date equipment for on site document shredding

• Allows your representative to observe the destruction process

• Provides full accountability for file custody

• Only trained and certified experts are responsible for paper destruction (NAID certification)

• Secure environment, protected from any chances of lost or stolen records

• Ensures that all records are destroyed to an unrecoverable state, and then recycles the shredded pieces

• Provides you with a certificate of destruction

When you work with a company that offers these benefits, you can rest assured that on site paper shredding is the single most secure option available to you. Protect your business with a service offering authentic document shredding!