Five Things to Know About Concrete Barriers Used For Perimeter Protection

Barriers for perimeter protection complete the security system of any high risk building. With reference to some of the infamous acts of terrorism in the past, organizations and national bodies have a bigger responsibility of guarding human life.

What is the primary function of concrete barriers in perimeter protection?

They protect the employees, the guests and the other critical authorities within the guarded building. When used in an urban environment they must satisfy the functional requirements of the building and also have no adverse effect on the aesthetic value of the place. A concrete barrier system must be able to dissipate the impact energy effectively and also be flexible enough to accommodate diverse styles of urban landscapes.

What factors are considered before selection and evaluation of barriers for perimeter protection?

Before determining the suitability of concrete barriers for oil fields or any similar risk prone environment, the cost, constructability and environmental impact are primarily considered. In an urban environment, additional factors like anti-terrorism functionality and aesthetic flexibility of the barriers are also examined.

What steps are followed prior to the installation of concrete barriers for perimeter protection in an urban community?

The site of installation is examined to understand the potential vulnerabilities. The desired level of protection is then determined based on the stand-off distance, anti-crash criteria and aesthetic designs.

What are the major advantages of concrete barriers for perimeter protection?

Concrete barriers for site safety offer maximum protection against vehicle collisions by dissipating the kinetic energy with their heavy mass. They serve as a reliable source of protection against accidents as well as intentional attacks by neatly integrating into the walls. They can be used for internal as well as external purposes and are available in a whole range of flexible designs. Some trustworthy barrier providers also offer discount used barriers that are very cost effective.

How to choose the right provider of concrete barriers?

No compromise on the quality of barriers can be permitted as it directly involves the security of human life. Before partnering with a company for perimeter protection, ensure they have been in business for a considerable amount of time and have established noteworthy projects. While crowd control may also be one of their services, site safety must be their niche.

With an increasing number of accidents and intentional attacks, organizations must focus on complete protection systems for the perimeter security of buildings and other high risk landscapes.