How To Create A Perfect App For A Travel Agency

Tourism is one of the most far-reaching services – in every meaning. It can be asked for by any adult person anywhere in the world. Numerous travel agencies offer various services in their own way. If you run one, or run a business of some similar kind, you surely have a full-fledge website that brings comprehensive information about your services to the desktop web. But what about mobile users?

That’s the issue no one should forget about. Any travel agency has to help their clients plan and enhance their journeys through the mobile. A usual website may be quite inconvenient for mobile devices; its content must be extracted without any information losses. A mobile version of the website is essential for business, but may not give the experience provided by a mobile application. But what should be inside a mobile app, dedicated to one of the most popular leisure activities?

Choice of platforms. There is no surprise that Android and iOS are the most obvious choices for a mobile application. Further it depends on the complexity and details of the project. There is a way to make a cross-platform application using PhoneGap. It allows to utilize the native capabilities of mobile platforms and build a hybrid app. For example, PhoneGap allows to incorporate geolocation into your application. For more complex software products you may need to create a native app for iOS, Android – or perhaps native apps for both of them.

The perfect app will be based upon the services you offer. That’s what mobile users need. Clients must easily find what they are looking for. List of destinations, means of travel (flights, rail, cruise lines etc.), hotels and resorts, sightseeing tours and special offers, car rentals and all the necessary contact details – you should concisely structure your services and information to bring it to mobile clients. The whole list of your services is easy to navigate through – that will be appreciated.

The app will hugely depend on your specialization. For example, you provide special travel services for honeymoons, or you could specialize in business travel. Dedicate a section of the app to the sphere you are known for.

For any of the options, details matter. Think of what must be essentially included – descriptions, pictures, prices, reviews. To facilitate the choice of your client, include filters and various categories to make it easier to find an option of an all-inclusive resort or a hotel, according to the personal preferences – food, leisure activities, amenities.

Reservations. Here is what we need after we have found exactly what we want. Buying a flight ticket or a special tour, hotel reservation etc. In case there are any special events, offers, or urgent changes, such as a flight delay, you are able to inform your client instantly via push-notifications.

Mobile apps are winners because of their ability to work offline. This means anywhere. Internet connection is surely essential for updates of information, reservations, and secondary, for sharing in the social media. But in case of urgent need to check some details on destinations, dates, pricing, reservations etc. – all this can be stored in the app and run offline for the convenience of the user.

Tourism and the whole travel industry include a very broad sphere of services to encompass. That’s why there can be more other interesting features to apply, which will be must-have to your peculiar business and the peculiar services you offer. But here you have read how a great app is presented to the user. Make your mobile application informative, recognizable, convenient and, as a result, preferable among people around the world.