How Will a Profit Pulling USP Help Your Small Business?

A unique selling proposition (USP) is an attempt to express the uniqueness of your business in a single statement. It can be a promise no one else makes. It can also be a unique benefit that applies only to your product or service. Either way, it serves to differentiate you from your competition.

To sum it up, it’s a one to two sentence phrase (or it can be a concept) that clearly lets your customers know why they should buy your product over your competitor’s products.

The use of a unique selling proposition in your business will only stand to benefit you.

Here is what a profit pulling USP will allow you to do…

» Find a niche and position yourself as the ONLY choice for that niche.

» Place your product or service on a different level than your competition, catapult you to a higher plane of business and enable you to sell in a vacuum (i.e. no direct competition).

» Protect you from market fluctuations.

» Break free from mindless advertising and get your product or service remembered more than any other in your market.

» Grant a stronger preference for your company’s products and services so you can charge more and customers will gladly pay your higher price.

Sound interesting?

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