Finding Your Prosperity Niche

There are various ways to approach your business. You can take a purely pragmatic approach or you can apply practical spirituality and good business sense to growing your business. Let’s explore the latter as it relates to defining a niche to focus and direct your business efforts. Below are 5 concepts you need to understand. They are:

  • Niche – A place, employment, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted; a small notch or groove.
  • Prosperity Niche – The results you create when you focus your intention, attention, talents, passion, and activity in a way that naturally fits who you are and allows you to easily attract a bountiful flow of prosperity into your life.
  • Intention – A core decision to act in a certain way; inner resolve to follow a certain path or produce a certain outcome or state of being.
  • Attention – State of applying the mind to something; observation, noticing; consideration with a view to action.
  • Talents – natural endowments of a person; personal aptitude to perform well with ease.
  • Passion – An intense driving feeling or conviction; ardent affection; love; a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity.

When you integrate intention, attention, talent, and passion into activity you have a good foundation for opening the flood gates of prosperity into your life. A prosperity niche is about setting up your business to leverage this synergy so that work is play and play pays you abundantly.

Many times people want to market to the general public, they want to cast a wide net, and be all things to all people. This is one way to do it but it can be very effortful and problematic. Creating prosperity is not about struggling and working hard and learning everything by trial and error. Go where you heart feels drawn, serve those you have a natural affinity for, and find products and services that make you feel good at the core. It’s so much easier to market what you believe in, what you love, what you would not want to live without to those you respect, have compassion for, and are truly attracted to.

Everything you do in your business should bring you back to your basic intention and at the core love is the greatest marketing strategy you can employ to grow a thriving and sustainable business.