The Top 5 Signals That Your Business Is Running You

Starting your own business is a great undertaking but running the day-to-day aspects of your business is the true challenge you will face as an entrepreneur. Do you find that the business you started to suit your lifestyle somehow taken over your life and home? If this sounds familiar, then your business is running you. Learn how to run your business again with these top five warning signs and helpful tips.

Stop Complaining And Take Control.
A common lament of the entrepreneur or SOHO business owner is if they knew then what they know now, they’d never have started their own business. The truth is that if they thought then about what they’re buried in now, the story may have been quite different. It’s never too late to take control. Here are five signals that your business is running you – with a quick tip to combat each.

1) You Find Yourself Ignoring Your Inner Voice.
You know, the one that keeps saying, “I’m too busy” or “I’m swamped”. Listen to your inner voice. It’s usually got a clearer handle on things. When you make a plan to change things you’ll feel more in charge. Clients entrust you with their business daily. Learn to respect yourself and your clients by delivering on your promises.

2) Your “Creative Space” Has Become Your Procrastination Pit.

Creative space is a great thing. It’s the zone where you develop and brainstorm new ideas. Next time you’re procrastinating, do something useful. Go for a walk. Make a call. Play with your children. Don’t acknowledge procrastination and it will cease to exist.

3) Hearing Your Cell Phone Ring Is Annoying.
The same goes for the other bells and beeps in your busy life like email or call waiting. These technologies are all very well, but you need to establish boundaries. Set-up reasonable times for your own life and stick to your decisions. Boundaries are only respected when people know they exist. Raise your boundaries and you’ll raise your standards.

4) You See Clients As Alien Invaders.
If you’re not relating well with clients, you’re probably not working with the right people. Getting clear on your ideal client is pivotal to creating a business you can love. Go through old records and note the characteristics and attributes of the people you enjoyed working with. How can you attract these types to your business? What do you need to change?

5)You’re Reading The Want Ads.
Let’s face it, not everyone can run their own business, but since you’ve read this far let’s assume you want to stick with it. First you need to acknowledge two simple facts: You’re only one person and you can’t do it all. Accepting this simple fact can be the key to formulating a new and productive business pattern.

Outsourcing As A Solution.
Sometimes the best solution is the obvious solution: hire more help. However as a small business owner, this may not be the best answer financially. Hiring an employee requires overhead. The solution is to hire an assistant but not an employee; hire a Virtual Assistant. By outsourcing, you can control costs and pay per task basis. Some of the things that can outsource include appointment setting, marketing, writing, web design, customer service and research.

Take Heed And Good Speed To You
So now that you know the warning signs, take note and heed them. By using our quick tips and in combination with outsourcing, you can gain control of your business, become more productive and be happier while running your business.

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