Things to Consider While Choosing Apostille Services in India

There are several important things to be considered while choosing apostille services in India. If you want to apostille your important documents like birth certificate, degree certificate etc then you must choose the best apostille service provider. The following points will help you in making the best decision.

1. Approved by MEA

The first requirement of a good service provider is that the company should be mandatorily approved by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. The MEA is the top body handling apostille in India. Ask for the agency’s registration number and check it from the MEA before making your move.

2. Punctual services

A good agency with high-quality service is always punctual and their service is delivered exactly on time. When you make your first interaction with them, you will come to know of their professionalism and expertise as far as time is concerned. This is very important especially for business people who have a very tight schedule. Good companies stick to their deadlines given by them.

3. Professional contacts

The best companies usually have contacts with the HRD/GAD/HomeDepartment/Chamber of Commerce authorities of various Indian states. This will help the faster processing of your apostille case and reduce the processing time.

4. Reasonable service charges

The good service providers have a reasonable service charge to suit every applicant’s budget. Don’t get carried away by very high service charges, thinking that they will be good. Good services are not always expensive, you must remember.

5. Privacy of your information

Always make sure that your agency makes a non disclosure agreement with you regarding complete privacy of your personal details like birth certificate details, marriage certificate details etc. There should be no relaxation from either of the parties.

6. Track Record

Reputed companies always have an excellent track record in providing accurate services. Check the company’s past track record. You can directly speak to previous customers regarding their experience. Ask the service provider to provide you with customers’s emails, telephone nos etc.

7. Special Services

Nowadays, famous companies offer specialised apostille services to their clients. Example – Company XYZ in Delhi is specialising in degree certificate apostille. So, whenever you require degree certificate apostille in Delhi, you must always contact XYZ.

8. Top class customer care service

Reputed agencies always have an outstanding customer care services which is available 24*7 and open on 365 days a year. Check the accessibility of the customer care service. Always go for multiple communication medium like in person, email, telephone etc, to prevent any difficulty.

9. Quality of the Staff

You should ensure that the service provider to which you are entrusting to must have a trained and experienced staff. They should be responsive to your enquiries and must have knowledge. They should always be updated with the latest regarding apostille services.

10. Good tracking services

Nowadays, all the famous agencies provide tracking services of your consignment like when it was sent to the HRD, which day and time the HRD authentication was completed and when it came to the MEA and when the apostille was completed.