Here are 5 Tips for Designing Your Custom Logo Flooring Mats

You can get custom logo flooring mats for your business. Make sure to get the most out your investment with the right mat designs! These are some of our top tips for designing your logo mat.

Floor Mats with Custom Logo

You don’t need to be difficult when designing your logo mat. These three goals are key to getting the right look in your logo mat design.

It must be easily readable. You don’t just need to place your mats, but it is also important that the image be large, clear and well-maintained.

It must send the correct message. Your custom logo floor mat design should convey a consistent message with your company.

It must look great. It needs to be visually appealing using the right combination fonts and images.

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect design for your mat.

  1. Consistency in everything is important.

In designing your custom logo flooring mats, consistency and professionalism are key. You can keep the logo, colors, and design elements the same to enhance your existing brand image (building signage’s. letterheads. interiors). Your logo mat should complement your brand’s look and not stand out.

  1. It must be clear and uncluttered

Avoid creating a ‘busy’ mat design. To make your brand stand out, avoid clutter. It doesn’t mean that everything should be the same. The key to creating a minimalist logo mat design is choosing one image to be the focal point. This can be your welcome message, your brand’s name, or your logo. It is important that the main design be emphasized by all surrounding images.

  1. Find the best direction.

Depending on the design that you choose, as well as the designated area for the logo mat, the choice of whether to print vertically or horizontally (portrait orientation), is largely dependent on the layout. Custom logo rug placed near wide entranceways should almost always be printed horizontally. But, those that lead towards a hall may be more suitable to be printed in a portrait orientation.

  1. Contrasting colors attract attention.

If you are designing custom logo rug, make sure to choose complementary colors. It is easier to mix colors from the same family than it is to make them look cluttered.

  1. Look for quality.

It isn’t enough to have a logo mat that looks good. It’s all about the quality of the mat as well as how well it was printed. Make sure you choose the right rental company for your logo mat to make the most of it.

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