The Benefits of Small Business Bookkeeping-Accounting Consultation

New and established business owners (soleproprietors, corporations, small and medium sized businesses ) can often benefit from professional business consultation.

It is often helpful to have a third party opinion of a professional that is not closely tied to your business.

Their opinion is unbiased and is purely from the facts that you provide to them and their own assessment of the situation.

In addition, outside professional advice can bring ideas and insights that perhaps you have not considered.

It is much more cost-effective to use consulting services in a pay-as-you-go method as you don’t pay retainers for time and services that you may not need or use

Or, perhaps you need a referral for other types of help – tax preparation, outsourcing bookkeeping, etc.

You will find Small Business Accounting Consultation helpful if you have questions that vary from general to very specific and relate to, for example:

· help deciding on the type of bookkeeping system you should use

· need help in the preparation aspects of your bookkeeping work (working with source documents, file preparation, organization, etc)

· the set-up of your accounting system (Quickbooks, manual or otherwise)that needs fine-tuning and additional help

· the recordkeeping aspects of a bookkeeping system (where to post, what and where)need clarification

· help with the creation of the Chart of Accounts (manual or Quickbooks)

· help with year-end file preparation for your accountant

· direction if you are having difficulty with specific areas of Quickbooks (creating invoices, paying bills, reconciling the bank accounts, etc.)

· help with the advanced features of Quickbooks

· direction with workload, prioritizing and source document entry

· guidance with special circumstances and transactions

· you have ideas but need someone competent and professional to help you with tailor-made solutions

· other general accounting/bookkeeping consultation matters

A professional consultant will take a personalized and encouraging approach to dealing with your small business needs and to help you to deal with the sometimes challenging atmosphere of being in business.

Of course there are many additional projects that an accountant may provide consultation for your business. These areas tend to be substantially more complex and require the insights of a professional that is not only trained but experienced with the more intricate aspects of a particular financial and/or business situation. Don’t underestimate their effectiveness! There are a vast range of interlinking laws, protocols and considerations that only a professional with a particular background can assess to properly help you to make the best decision for your business.

In short, you don’t know – what you don’t know – so even with your most ambitious intentions to understand the decisions in front of you, there are ramifications and consequences to every decision. Be aware that more involved decisions are best served with the insights and suggestions of a professional that have been there and are fully aware of your options and can advise you about the best approach to take.